Wedding Morning 'Dos & Donts'

09 March, 2022

01. Hair & Makeup Prep

It's a common misconception that all stylists hear on wedding days is "oh I thought dirty hair holds best!" from the bridesmaid who hasn't washed their hair in what looks like a week.

Ladies, this may come as a shock, but dry shampoo can only do so much. Washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo the night before and blowing out with a mousse to reduce any extra moisture will correctly prepare your hair for styling the next day! 

TIP: using mousse (preferably volumizing) when blowing out your hair will help to reduce frizz, fight humidity, & add shine and volume. Think of mousse as the primer for your hair!

Don't let your bridesmaids wash their hair the morning of. This always causes scheduling delays because someone forgets her blow dryer or can't get her hair dry in time!

dirty hair = no volume

wet hair = your schedule might run late

All styling is done on clean dry hair. If a bridal party member or guest shows up with wet hair, it’s extra time that we didn’t account for and will cause us to run late. So please always have dry hair!

TIP: brides! Treat yourself to a trip to the dry bar the night before - nothing feels quite like a good blowout, and this will help your hair have so much more added volume for your special day!

Don't let your bridesmaids show up with leftover makeup from the night before! This can cause delays like wet hair because removing old makeup is time that we did not account for.

02. Attendant  scheduling

Don't stress over having an appointment time for each attendant receiving services. Instead, have everyone there at the same time to hang out so that the morning runs smoothly!

03. EArly is on time, on time is late

Don’t arrive at your getting ready location on time, instead arrive 15 minutes early so that you all have time to settle into your space, change into pjs and pour that mimosa!

04. Arrival clothing

Don’t let your bridesmaids show up in shirts that have to come off over their heads. Make sure that everyone has something that they can easily slip out of and that doesn’t have collars (collars are the culprits of many updos being in need of repair).

TIP: satin and silk camisoles and robes are wonderful as they don't cause a lot of friction.

05. Dress prep

Don’t wait to steam your dresses until after hair and makeup, or at all. Steam can cause you to sweat, cause your hair to go limp and frizz, flush your face, as well as open your pores. Instead, ask someone not receiving services to help with steaming on the wedding day.

TIP: steam dresses a day or two before and leave them the night of your rehearsal at your getting-ready location!

06. Hair & Makeup Inspo

Have all your bridesmaids screenshot their hair and makeup inspo, or make sure you have told us what you would like them to have, because not all locations will have internet and we won’t have the time to wait to get the WiFi password and hunt down a style on Pinterest!