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I seek to bring back authenticity in a world that is plagued with fast moving trends: beauty that is both Elegant and Timeless. My desire is to help create a look for your day that is specific to your unique personality and inner beauty.
Ever since I can remember I have been captivated by different cultures and the arts- it has spurred me on a continual quest for beauty.
As a child my days were spent sun-drenched in the South, soaking up the many wild adventures that my siblings and I dreamt up. Introverted to the core, I soon found myself releasing my creative energy by learning to draw and paint (Katie Gurley Fine Art). A myriad of other hobbies have evolved through the years, all playing a vital role in teaching me about curating design and aesthetics, as well as appreciating the small moments that so often slip by without recognition.
I believe we were all created to create; that we are each unique image bearers of Christ; that our purpose it to glorify Him in all that we do. Building intentional relationships with my clients and creating a perfect vision for their day is a simple and rewarding way of doing just that.
Life is all about navigating through our individual stories, seeing possibility, curating a collection of dreams that we can call our own, and being vulnerable enough to recognize God’s grace amidst it all. 
Hair and makeup is my creative outlet helping me unveil the beauty in those around me.
My quest has taken me across the United States, to the bougainvillea speckled shores of Spain, through the quiet chatter of Parisian cafes, to the wide open moors of Scotland, atop the hazy coasts of the Almafli, and along the enchanting streets of Florence.

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