About Katie Smith Gurley

Hair and Makeup Artist Katie Gurley

Things I love…
…creating luminous skin.
…bold, luscious lips & voluptuous lashes!
…creating that natural “I just woke up like this” hairstyle.
I fall for…
…antique oil paintings. Always.
…champagne & dark chocolate.
…my husband.
I am a destination hair & makeup artist, passionate to the core and wanderlust at heart, seeking adventure and authentic connections.
As a young girl growing up in Birmingham Al, I desired to explore the world and cultures I discovered in my books. My upbringing taught me a lot about hard work and living intentionally. After spending most of my life working with my hands, learning to cultivate and bring forth beautiful things, I married my wonderful husband. He has pushed me beyond the limits of my comfort zone and encouraged me to pursue the things that inspire me. We live in Birmingham AL, where I paint in my little art studio as much as possible, and where I have been doing hair and makeup for over seven years now!
I believe we are all created to create; that we are each unique and beautiful image bearers of Christ; that are purpose is to glorify Him in all that we do; building intentional relationships with my clients, and creating their perfect vision for their big days just one simple way of doing just that. Life is all about navigating through our individual stories, seeing possibility, and being vulnerable enough to recognize God’s grace amidst it all. Hair and makeup is my creative outlet helping me unveil the beauty in those around me.
Our connection will lead to something beautiful.

let's connect!
In-action shot of hair and makeup artistry